Amplify your Journey!

Since this is the first post, We wanted to give our readers an insight of what future posts will entail. The purpose of this blog is to show you ways on how to improve your overall life’s success through the stories & experiences of people just like you . We will dive into three faucets that lay a basic foundational platform to build and live2017-06-27 08.54.25 a fulfilled life. We will explore the importance of “HEALTH” & fitness, and how those two relate to the longevity of your future allowing you to venture through lifes obstacles. Also, providing ways to improve your overall health through the daily foods we eat and physical training that will support your day to day functional movement.

The world is bigger than the small one you might live in, so we will take you on an adventure to “EXPLORE” this precious world and it’s wide variety of cultures. One thing we have learned is, your personal growth comes from experiencing things and places outside of your comfort zone. Going out and learning a new language, playing a new sport or trying new foods is a sure gateway to opening your heart and mind to other views & ventures.

We are all created human! The ability to “CREATE” something from a simple thought is one of the reasons why we live in such an innovative world ranging from technology, art, music, food & cities to mention just a few. We believe everyone has a creative mind and has the ability to create something, you just need the “will” to make it happen. Hopefully we can inspire you to take that route.

We are the people of this world, the visionaries that can make a difference. It all starts with what you want to do, how you want to do it and how that translates on impacting the future of yourself and humanity.


DEDICA MVMNT (Dedicated to a specific task or purpose) #dedicamvmnt

4 points…Living in a state of BALANCE!

“It is better to rise from life as from a banquet, neither thirsty nor drunken” – Aristotle

Balance…what it means to you or how it can impact your life? I’ll start with a few questions. Are you happy with your current life? Is there something you’ve always wanted, but never attained? Are you doing to much of one thing and not enough of something else? Is living balanced even relevent or important to you? How do you think being balanced can effect your lifestyle? This topic can go every which way, but I wanted to touch on points that will hopefully spark a fire in your head to live a balanced life. Here are a few very broad points that can help you on your own journey. Again…this is generic and not all points apply to every single person, plus there are more factors that weigh balances in your own personal life. The only person that knows if they need more of something or less is yourself. The goal is life fulfillment…isn’t it?

1. Social. Wether its family, friends (short/long distance), wife, husbands, co-workers, pets…etc, making a point to add these factors into your life is paramount. In regards to support through life obstacles or even achievements. Life will always throw you lemons, but its always great to have a support system to make some lemonade out of those sour points in life…let your friends add some sugar in your life to sweeten up the mood. Some people miss out on overcoming adversity because they lack support from their surroundings or purposely dismiss others. Truth be told, living life alone can be fatal, which is why it’s important to maintain relationships through life. Even in moments of success, social balance goes a very long way causing a snowball effect of wanting to become more successful. In short, don’t be afraid to reach out to those that surround you if you need help or vice versa support those in need. Shout point: HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS, ENJOY THE GOOD THINGS, GO MAKE LOVE, PLAY WITH YOUR PETS, EAT FOOD WITH FAMILY, WORK TOGETHER, SWEAT TOGETHER & STAY SOCIAL!


2. PhysicalThis point can truly determine what you are capable of physically. Generally, people don’t like the thought of suffering through a workout or even lifting a finger, but what they don’t realize is what the outcome is after overcoming a strenuous session. Our bodies are capable of amazing things and the byproduct of pushing our bodies limits or building a solid foundation is that you will set a butterfly effect of positive movement/success in your journey. For instance, let’s say you do 100 burpees or run a 10k then complete the work. At the end you will say, “that was rough,” but you will also say, “wow I actually finished that.” The outcome creates a better state of mind to tackle life obstacles. Truth is if you can push yourself physically, your mentality also grows with it. So don’t hold your self back. Do something physical that will test you and help you grow as person. Shout point: BE PHYSICAL, OUR BODIES LOVE TO MOVE, DON’T BE A STALE BODY, BECOME STRONGER THAN YOU THOUGHT & PHYSICAL FITNESS EQUALS BETTER HEALTH!

3. Professional. Being professional can be a term that is stretched out, but take this as a general point to apply to your own way of living. For example,  an olympic athlete does what he or she can to perform to the best of their abilities come show day. They get max sleep for energy on training days. They eat clean & have a balanced nutrition for peak performance. They run recovery drills to maintain their bodies physical condition….you get the point! Now think about what you can do to improve your daily tasks. How can you perform better? Be the professional in your own journey. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what needs to get cut out or added in your life in order to progress or live better. Professionals typically take ownership of their journey, so don’t be afraid to take ownership of your life. Tailor it to your likings like a pro does. Shout point: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, WELCOME OPPORTUNITIES, BE YOUR OWN BOSS & PROFESSIONALLY HANDLE YOUR LIFE!


4. Mental & Spiritual (regards to success). I smashed these two together becomes they both play huge rolls in life and really bounce off of each other…or at least for me they do. Being mentally fit is important since most of our actions come from a simple thought driven from the mind and heart. A lot of people fall short of success because they never push their minds to the limits or don’t have what it takes to overcome struggles. It is paramount to build a stronger mindset to achieve the things you want in life. Mental strength can make or break life’s set backs. Questions is…how do you build that? Test your limits and learn through trial & error. Hence exploring your personal life and growth. I mentioned in a previous blog that exploring and experiencing the earth and its people can/will help you grow. The spiritual aspect of all of this is that searching and finding your inner-self,  is a sure way to life fulfillment. Find yourself and you will know where to go. Everyone has a soul, but some just don’t know how to use this to their own advantage towards victory. Only through self-awareness, understanding your flaws, understanding your strengths & understanding your weaknesses will you then know how your spiritual health can impact your journey. Shout point: BE MENTALLY FIT FOR LIFE, FIND THE INNER YOU, EMBRACE WHAT/WHO YOU ARE, TEST YOURSELF, DO SOME SOUL SEARCHING & STAY MENTALLY/SPIRITUALLY STRONG FOR LIFE!

To conclude this blog. These are 4 points that always play a roll in my life. Now there are much more than this and the priorities will be different for every individual on the grind through life. Again, don’t be afraid to get dirty and explore your potential. We are human and capable of amazing things. Staying balanced in life is simply necessary. I’m not saying its easy, but give it an honest effort. Stay Dedicated. Stay Balanced. – Dedica Mvmnt


“Traveling expands your whole being”

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain


I started off with this quote because it literally exposes the point of exploring and personal growth. So let me ask you a few questions. Does personal growth mean anything to you? Is mediocrity or stale living your status right now? Are you in a comfort zone? Are you willing to break barriers? Is experience or learning something new play a part in your daily habits? Have you explored your own culture? Can learning about a new culture open your mind? Do those questions even make you think about your journey? Do you even care….?

I ask these questions not to belittle you or make you feel that your existence is pointless. I ask these questions because they are a sure way to open your mind to various insights on life. For some, this is a no brainer, thriving and experiencing the world for what it has to offer is THE POINT OF LIVING.” For others, marginal living or contentment is what they want, but some just need a little spark to jump-start their fulfillment of life.


photo shot in Milan, Italy “Arco Della Pace

I’ll give you the short answer to my own question, what does traveling or exploring mean to me? I haven’t “traveled the world and the seven seas”, but I am always looking for something. I grew up in a very diverse community in the city of San Diego, California. ..but narrow that down I truly grew up in the most southern city beach of CA called Imperial Beach / San Ysidro. I mean you name it from Latinos, Caucasian, African, or Asian to be very broad and vague they were there. On top of being half African/Filipino American, I was exposed to a very diverse culture from the get go which ultimately sparked my desire to learn and grow through different cultures and experience. Now jump 32 years from the day I was born and I’ve traveled and experienced America, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Jordan, Denmark, Belgium, France & a few others. “I WANT MORE!!!!”

So back to the question, what does traveling or exploring mean to me? Experiencing these different views, ways of living, cultural differences allowed me to grow personally (spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally) by expanding my view points past my small circle living of one of the most diverse states in America. I feel more aware of the people I am surrounded by thus taking down the huge barrier of Judgmental or Narrow-mindedness. Crazy to say, waking up and tackling each day is easier because I’ve grown to understand the earth I walk on and the people who exist on this beautiful planet. There is still more to see and even more to experience. We are stronger together as humans!

So I know this kind of jumped from a small spectrum to a wide open space, but that’s what traveling does. It expands your view points, enables you to grow, expands your mindset, sparks creativity, boost relationships, allows you to grow to love people as humans & not just as segregated cultures. Although, please take pride in your roots, but also be courteous of others outside yours.

To conclude this broad blog, go make it happen! If you choose to live marginally, that’s your choice and not my place to judge, but if you have some sort of curiosity, “TRAVELING & EXPLORING” is like a gateway drug to life fulfillment. Go and CREATE your story, challenge yourself, be better everyday, take risks, fail and try again, understand the world you live in, be a better ambassador of life, be an example for future humans, help others, and experience what you can. What’s that saying..? “YOLO!” Whatever it is, make it happen. Take care and stay Dedicated. #dedicamvmnt


Be the “Artist” in your life…CREATE!!!

It’s pretty obvious that everything that surrounds us was either created naturally or simply thought of by someone who has opened their minds to a possibility of something that can enhance our lifestyles or simply please the human mind. We walk around such fascinating sculptures, architectures, music, foods, and numerous objects that were generated from a simple thought & the will to make it reality. So what the heck am I getting at? So what’s the deal with this stone and bolt? Why is this even relevant to the topic at hand? I’ll try to keep this short…..


One of the greatest things about living is CREATING a lifestyle for ourselves or bettering the lives of others. We are blessed everyday to wake up, take a breath, and see into our future and what we can do with what we have available. I can’t speak for everyone, but we see this a lot. People simply existing with no desire to make changes or improvements  in their lives and that’s ok, no judgement here. Now I know I’m not the first to say this, but our future, occupation or health/wellness depends on our will to make that either non-existent or successful by a simple thought. Sometimes those thoughts are sparked by whats available…hence the stone & bolt. We come from different backgrounds and cultures that live with different mindsets, but one thing we all have in common is the ability to CREATE.

So now let me really get to the point! If you feel you aren’t satisfied with your status or even understand your existence. Take the time to reflect on your life, searching through your experiences and future endeavors. Some of the biggest lessons stem from our experiences…I don’t have to tell you that. Try new things, CREATE outlets for yourself that enables growth whether its fitness, job, opportunities…etc. Everyday is a new day to start fresh to make improvements even with adverse situations. Allow your mind to be a powerful tool, be the ARTIST! Utilize the resources you have available…strangers, family, friends, co-workers, colleagues..etc. Think, what can I do with this stone & bolt? The possibilities are endless if you open your mind and get creative.

Don’t sell yourself short from a life you desire. Again, we have the power in our hands to make something better for ourselves and others. Just remember that it’s important to grow personally, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hope you all take just a spark of this with you and tackle your day. Stay dedicated! – DEDICA MVMNT